instagram stories, instagram, snapchat, instagram for business


This is the biggest Instagram update ever. Instagram Stories are here, and they’re already huge.  Just like Snapchat, you can now share a photo or video story with your Instagram followers that will disappear after 24 hours. But is this a good thing? And when it comes to your business, is it better to be on Instagram Stories, Snapchat, or both? We’re here to help you make sense of all the changes and find the right answer for you. We can do it with a points system…

instagram stories, instagram, snapchat, instagram for business

-2 Instagram – Instagram engagement has decreased by 33% and the roll-out of the new Instagram algorithm feed

+1 Instagram – you don’t need to create a new audience. Just press a button and reach all of your followers with Instagram stories..regardless of algorithm

+1 Instagram – zero effort and no time wasted to reach the audience you’ve already built

-1 Instagram – it’s still not Snapchat. There’s a huge difference in audience on Snapchat than Instagram. 73% of Snapchat user are millennials

+1 Instagram – if you’re selling a product that adults are going to love, if those users didn’t get Snapchat before they are most likely not going to now

+1 Instagram – use Instagram stories to answer questions, show your product with little effort

instagram stories, instagram, snapchat, instagram for business

-1 Snapchat – it’s incredibly hard to find people to follow, and you can’t casually browse content

-2 Snapchat – if you want to view the snapchat story is to adding the user to your friends list and it’s not easy to add a friend .. You have to know their username and you can’t search for them. booo

+1 Snapchat – people love Snapchat story.. so your customers need to start loving Instagram story

+1 Snapchat – there are more users on Snapchat than Twitter .. Instagram is biting a chunk of users but it’s not covering them all

-1 Snapchat – Using Snapchat for business is difficult unless you’ve already built your audience


We hope you’re less confused and we could help a little. Just remember that every business is different and really comes down to what will work for yours and your followers. If you’re a rockstar on Snapchat .. we’re jealous. If your customers are older or you just haven’t gotten to Snapchat…maybe you should get serious about your Instagram strategy.


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